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AS® - Acoustic Shell  
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AS® Acoustic Shell is specialized in designing and building acoustic shells for optimal diffusion in Theatres and Concert Halls.

AS® Acoustic Shell is a brand that sells and rents highly specialized acoustic shells designed in the JOCAVI® laboratories (R&D) to fixed or mobile facilities in theatres, auditoriums or for exclusive events. It also carries out installation, acoustic checks and maintenance contracts for its acoustic shell projects.

Acoustic Shell, AS® is a company that designs and manufactures acoustic diffusion shells. These brands congregate products and vanguard solutions oriented towards a common passion, acoustics.

Acoustic Shell - AS4 WFL 060 Installation Video in "Palácio da Bolsa - Porto - Portugal
Acoustic Shell WFL120 - Malta
DYN AS4 Scattering Simulation video
Acoustic shell video - Ceyl'an Ertem - Yine De Amin Albüm Hikayesi
Woodfoil® Acoustic Shell® on "One News"
Acoustic Shell AS4 DYN
Mounting Video
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photo gallery - AS4WFL120 here
Acoustic Shell AS4 DYN
Madeira's Classic Orquester
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Photo Gallery - AS4 DYN at Astana Media Center Live room broadcast studios
Photo Gallery - Fixed AS DYN - Municipal Auditorium


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AS Portable Acoustic Shells
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Acoustic Shell - Malta Installation Newsletter 

Acoustic Shell AS4 WFL 060 Installation
The Woodfoil® is a slightly concave diffusion panel, made of varnished birch plywood on a soft wood structure. This diffuser is great to be used in concert halls, such as theatres and auditoriums, and is ideal for building acoustic diffusion shells. This model has two options: the Woodfoil® diffusion panel, which is made of plain birch plywood, and the Woodfoil® Ab, which has different holes that provide it with a higher absorption coefficient. At "Palácio da Bolsa - Porto - Portugal

Reactions to the Acoustic Shell
After the Beethoven's "Eroica" amazingly performed by the "Malta Philarmonic Orchestra" on March 11th, 2017."Malta Philarmonic Orchestra" recently installed the Woodfoil 120 customized Acoustic Shell - by Jocavi Acoustic Panels, in the Mediterranean Conference Centre's Auditorium in La Valleta, "Digital Magic" - Jocavi Distributor in Malta.

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Woodfoil® Acoustic Shell® on "One News" TV
Malta Philharmonic Orchestra is the first orchestra to use the AS Woodfoil model from JOCAVI. The musical performance and the quality of the sound produced is now much improved.
The use of this acoustic shell for classical music, does not require any sound amplification system (PA), being the sound heard entirely natural from the instruments. A truly enchanting experience…

Portable Acoustic Shell® Dynamicflow DYN AS4for Madeira's Classic Orquester - Madeira Tecnolopolo - Polo Científico e Tecnológico da Madeira - Portugal - Funchal, December, 2010
Scattering Simulation videos - Acoustic Shell® Dynamicflow DYN AS4
Mounting Video - Portable Acoustic Shell® Dynamicflow DYN AS4

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